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Is The Carbon Copy Pro By Jay Kubassek A Scam Or Not

Have you heard about the Carbon Copy Pro Marketing System and wondering if it's a scam or legitimate? This article will give you an unbiased review of the system. CarbonCopyPro is an automated marketing system put together by Jay Kubassek with the help of Mike Dillard. Jay was once a marketer of Liberty League. He then decided to move on to become involved with Wealth Masters International. Jay has had his up and downs in the industry and after he achieved success, he decided to create his own marketing system.

Jay claims, "After 4 years, $400,000 of marketing testing, and millions of dollars in earnings, we have perfected the most powerful, automated, turn-key, sales and marketing system on the planet." So what is CarbonCopyPro and what does it have to do with Wealth Masters International? CarbonCopyPro is a marketing system that has been developed by Jay and his associates to try to help solve many of the problems that most people face in a home based business. They claim that with Carbon Copy Pro there is no phone calling, no selling, and no cold calling. Basically what Carbon Copy Pro has done is create a funnel system that invites prospects to their company. Although the CarbonCopyPro was launched after The Reverse Funnel System by Ty Coughlin, they work almost exactly the same way.

Marketers of Carbon Copy Pro pay a stiff monthly fee to utilize Jay Kubassek's branded sites. The users of Carbon Copy Pro advertise the system to drive prospects to the webpage that works to "pre-qualify" them. The prospects have to fill out a questionnaire after they have paid a $49 application fee.

The potential customers follow along through this funnel system in an effort to find out the real cost of Wealth Masters International. The cost to join is $1,500. The goal of this Jay claims is to weed out the "tire kickers". If a person is not willing to pay the $49 fee, they will certainly not be willing to pay the $1,500 to join WMI.

Your total start up investment into this program will be about $2,000, plus advertising. There are also co-ops to be a part of as well. So in conclusion, while the Carbon Copy Pro system is not a scam, there are some definite negatives to the system. That is that you are branding Jay Kubassek and his program.

The goal of online marketing is to brand yourself, not someone else. For new online marketers who are completely satisfied with spending their money to drive traffic to someone else's site, Carbon Copy Pro could work just fine for them. However, it is unreasonable to believe that there is a totally automated system.

People are going to want to talk to a live person before they spend $1,500. At some point you will have to start branding yourself to achieve success online. The other downside would be the significant monthly costs involved with the program. Again, when you are paying to use someone else's system, it is going to cost you. Copyright (c) 2008 Brian McCoy.

If you are looking to earn a Substantial Online Income, visit Brian's Big Ticket To Wealth website. About the Author: Brian McCoy is an industry leading internet marketer and President and CEO of McCoy Marketing Group. His mission is to develop leaders into full time home business entrepreneurs.

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