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FRIENDSATION is a brand new online dating site and social blogging network for people who are looking for a free online dating, match dating, dating personal, internet dating, adult dating, and many more!

Online Dating Makes Searching For a Partner Fun
by Ken Katz

Some have said that online dating is an impersonal relationship. These people just don’t know what they are talking about. In fact, online dating is really the best way to start a dating relationship. And, today, many people are finding the person of their dreams on the internet. And, you have nothing to lose. Online dating even with a monthly fee is probably much cheaper than finding a partner the old fashion way.

Have you ever gone on a blind date and wished you were somewhere else? I have. The friends that tried to fix you up meant well. But, usually they try too hard because they feel you need a date since they don’t see you socializing with many people and they have to fix you up with anyone they might think is somewhat compatible with you. In other words they just want you to go out and have fun and not sulk at home. It will make them feel better knowing that you have someone to be happy with. So, they put you together with what they think is another lonely human being and hope that you will both have a great time.

Many times the date just doesn’t work. You both just don’t hit it off. Either the politics doesn’t work, or each of your ideas of what fun means doesn’t work. There are so many reasons why the date fails. And, really it’s no ones fault except your friend that got you involved with this person in the first place.

The problem is that while you are on this date you are the most uncomfortable human being you have ever known. And, for the most part you try to be nice if you can. You just want this thing to finish so you can go home and watch some more TV and then just go to bed.

Why go thru all that pain when you can log onto your favorite online dating site and browse thru as many personal ads as you like. And, if you desire, you can even look as long as you want for the person you might want to date in your gym clothes, pajamas or even your underwear!

And, when you see someone you like, then contact them. Send them a brief e-mail and introduce yourself. Be honest. Be sincere. Be funny. If, you see more then one prospect send two or even three e-mails. Get to know each one of your prospective dates a little thru the internet. See if you have any common interests. Get a phone number of the ones you want to talk to. You know the rest.

The online dating part just takes the initial search for a dating partner and makes finding a prospective date a lot easier for many people. Don’t be afraid to try online dating. Don’t think this is not how to do it because your parents didn’t date this way. Don’t worry that initially you think that it feels weird to find a date on the internet. Today, everyone is doing it and a lot of people are having fun searching for a partner with online dating.

And, the best reason to try online dating is that so many people are happy because they have found their perfect partner sooner then they had thought possible.

About the Author
Ken Katz runs the online dating site: Web4love.com. His goal in life is to help everyone meet the partner of their dreams. Please include a link to my site: http://www.web4love.com.
If you would like to put this article by Ken Katz on your website, please give a link back to web4love.com
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