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Should You Join EDC Gold

As a top internet marketer, I enjoy the opportunity to evaluate hundreds of different online programs. Today we will take a look at EDC Gold. EDC Gold was started in 2006 and the company claims to have paid out over ten million dollars in payments to their affiliates since they first launched. This is quite impressive.

As I checked out the home page, however, it does seem that the owners are obsessed with repudiating various copycat programs and letting people know that they were the original. The cost to join EDC Gold is $997 and the entire amount is paid out in commissions to your upline. The price point is a bit concerning to me as some people do not have an extra thousand dollars laying around, thus you have a somewhat limited clientele to draw upon.

However, my experience has shown that there are still plenty of people available who can and will be interested in a program such as this. It's just a matter of finding them. There is also an ongoing $49 monthly fee, but youdon't find out about this until after you join.

My feelings are that the company should have been a little more upfront about this hidden cost, but also understand that this is how they make their money since the entire $997 sign up cost is paid out in commissions. The company's pay plan utilizes the Australian 2-Up pay plan which means that your first two sales get paid to your sponsor. In my estimation this is a bit of a disadvantage as often the first two sales are the most difficult to obtain, especially if you a "newbie" to internet marketing. This could cause your recruits to get discouraged and quit before they find success. However, if you can endure passing up your first two sales there is a positive side as well as you are then paid the first two commissions from those that you bring into the program.

After you have made your payment, you are permitted into the back office which I found to be fairly impressive. The owners of the company give you their own personal phone numbers should you have any questions. There are also several hours of training calls available as well.

The product itself consists of over 1000 e-books which you now have the resell rights to. I found there to be legitimate value in the products offered, but honestly it would take months to read everything there. I personally don't have the time in my daily schedule to read all of this, and I don't know too many people who do. For those who have the diligence to do so, however, there is real knowledge to be gained.

In conclusion, you may love the idea of making nearly $1000 on every sale, but in reality it is not as easy as it may first appear. Internet marketing is like anything else in life. It takes work, real work. Is it possible to make money with EDC Gold. The answer is yes, if you do not mind passing up your first two sales commissions. You must also be willing to take time to learn the proper methods of marketing on the internet, and invest the time to make it happen.

Randy Taylor is a top internet marketer who owns and operates several succesful businesses both online as well as brick and mortar. His desire is to train and help as many people as possible find the joys of starting their own succesful internet businesses and develop multiple income streams themselves. To find out more please visist http://www.handsfullofcash.com

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