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Ways To Capitalize On MySpace

Have you heard of the popular social networking site known as MySpace? I'd be more than willing to bet that you definitely have heard about this feature packed method of staying in touch with your online buddies and letting people know interesting little tidbits about yourself. The most interesting thing about MySpace is the potential to reach a large niche audience quickly and easily by using a few "secrets of the pro's" that will let you covertly slip below the radar while capitalizing on MySpace.com's endless mountains of fresh, stampeding traffic. This young site already has some entrepreneurial minds spinning their wheels on various methods they could possibly use to cash in on this goldmine. However, it will take some definite outside of the box thinking to reach these types of target audiences when they're in a "comfortable" online environment.

I have come up with a few methods of capitalizing on the amount of traffic that moves through the MySpace website on a daily basis while staying within their terms of service. 1.) Add as many friends as possible using specialty software. The more friends you have on MySpace, the larger audience you have to market your products and services to.

There is even specialty software as I mentioned that will let you extract MySpace ID's from certain web pages on the site and then automatically send new friend requests on complete auto-pilot. 2.) Frequently post on your MySpace blog and let your friends know when you have made new posts.

Your MySpace blog is the exact place where you can ramble on about anything you see fit. So why not use it as a method to talk a little bit about your business or products or heck, follow suit with many other MySpacer's and start a band and then go into details about all of your shows by using your blog! 3.) I mentioned in tip #2 to post on your blog frequently and to let your friends know when you've made new posts. You can let them know by sending bulletins to all the friends on your list. You can even use HTML in these bulletins which would enable you to include any graphical hyperlinks that you could use.

If you have a logo or banner this would be something you would definitely want to include in your bulletins. 4.) Post messages on other people's profiles.

You can add new comments onto anyone's profile individually or you can use some specialty software to send out mass comments to all of your friends. Just be sure to use some generic non-offensive comments that promote you or your business in a roundabout but interesting way. 5.) Send messages to users telling them a little bit about yourself and your website.

Be sure to include hyperlinks and answer any questions promptly. This is yet another great way to capitalize on some of the MySpace craze. I hope you enjoyed this article and are seriously considering some of the income potential that awaits you on MySpace. Good luck and don't hesitate to get the tools necessary for a successful social network marketing campaign that could earn you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in extra monthly income whether it's for yourself or in the name of your business.

Chris Vendilli is a contributing partner to www.SpaceHogs.net and has helped hundreds of people improve their own MySpace marketing campaigns. If you're ready to start hogging up your own profitable internet real estate on MySpace then visit now: Make money on MySpace

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