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Telemainia Phone Actress Report

Telemainia Report

TeleMainia is one of the best companies that I have ever worked for. I get so much support from everyone there, if and where there are tech issues the get taken care of a quickly as possible. This was also one of the first companies I have ever been with that made sure I was prepared before I went on the line with an orientation.

The phone-actress managers (all female), were very helpful and awesome in explaining everything to us. They have helped me every step of the way to becoming a better phone actress, and now, my checks are in the quadruple digits!

I love the set up that TeleMainia has. When I get on the line to work there are always guys to talk to and money to be made. The pay is great and it's always on time! Everyone is really helpful and supportive and makes sure that we have all the knowledge and training that we need to make the money that we want to make and to always do better.

I've tried working for some other companies who hire phone entertainers, but generally their support was lacking and I never was able to the kind of babysitting that this company offers. When I was new to the business I worked for this other company and every time I asked a question they made me feel silly that I was asking a dumb question.

Here there are no dumb questions. My manger says that there are no dumb questions; just dumb answers that she'd endeavor to help me be the best that I could be. I like that when she said that and I really kinda feel appreciated. She even gave me her private cell number so I could text her if I had a "burning" question or a situation I didn't know how to handle. I don't have to text her much these days because I've really gotten the hang of it.

When I first started thinking about being a Phone Entertainer I thought the calls would all be from horny weirdoes. However most of the men that I chat for hours with are very interesting and we chat more about their private lives than anything else. Most of the guys just want someone to listen while they chat about their relationships.

Heck I'm starting to feel like a relationship counselor. Boy-oh-Boy the stories I could tell.

BTW ? that reminds me that I have recorded some Adult Bedtime Stories for guys to listen to and that's been fun too. OK I better stop rambling here, cya.

Roxanna K. Baltimore, NY

TeleMainia Phone-Actress

Telemainia Report

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